PicoLisp AWS CLI tool using OpenSSL and Curl

You can get it on GitHub.

This command line tool can be used to sign AWS Signature Version 4 requests and make calls to various AWS APIs.

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The file libawscurl.l can be included as a library, rather than using the command line awscurl.l. Function are prefixed with awscurl- and variables are prefixed with *Aws_.



There is currently no validation on command line arguments. Be careful the input you provide. See issue #1

Environment variables

The following environment variables are used:

If any of those environment variables are not set, the values will be read from $HOME/.aws/credentials using the [default] or $AWS_PROFILE profile.


./awscurl.l --service s3 --data @myfile.json --content-type 'application/json' --host awscurl-sample-bucket.s3.amazonaws.com --region us-east-1
# NOTE: for files > 1KB, disable Expect header with: --header Expect ""
./awscurl.l --query 'Action=DescribeRegions&Version=2013-10-15'
./awscurl.l --service execute-api --data '{"test":"json"}' --host '<prefix>.execute-api.us-east-1.amazonaws.com' --endpoint '/<resource>'


Usage:		./awscurl.l [options]

  --help                    Show this help message and exit

  --data <data>             HTTP POST data (default: None)
  --endpoint <endpoint>     The API endpoint of the AWS service (default: /)
  --header <key> <value>    HTTP header data (default: None)
  --host <host>             The Host of the AWS service (default: ec2.amazonaws.com)
  --query <query>           The Query parameters of the AWS service (default: None)
  --region <region>         AWS region (default: us-east-1)
  --request <method>        Specify request method to use (default: GET)
  --service <service>       AWS service (default: ec2)
  --verbose                 Verbose flag (default: False)